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Are you ready to build smart, scalable financial systems to empower your team with the reports, education, and insights needed to drive meaningful change?

Bird’s the Word… Accounting is About Much More Than Just Compliance

As a non-profit organization, you have obligations to uphold—not just to the communities you serve, but to your staff, your supporters, and the public at large.

Your team must be able to confidently answer questions like…

Are your employees, vendors, and funders staying true to the expectations and promises they’ve made?
What intentions have been placed on the funds in your bank account, and how will you ensure that they’re used properly?
How does your financial picture support your strategic goals, mission, and values?

And to do so, you need a streamlined, integrated accounting system that empowers your people with the information they need to initiate action.

At Chickadee Nonprofit Solutions, we believe that the true power of accounting is its ability to keep track of the relationships and intentions that matter.

When you work with us, you’ll receive regular financial reports that clearly tell you whether you’re meeting your obligations and operating plans, and if you’re using your financial resources in a way that is aligned with your mission, values, and goals.

We’ll help track your grants so your team knows exactly how much money is left and how much is restricted, so you can write grant reports with clarity and ease.

Plus, we can implement systems and strategies that will help all levels of your organization understand your financial data and see it as a tool for doing more good.

Let Us Take You Under Our Wing

It’s time to go from inaccurate reporting and unclear processes to confident systems and compliant accounting. Here’s how we can help:

Bookkeeping, Grant Accounting, & Reports

Your dependable technicians and storytellers

We’ll partner with your team on a monthly basis to become your trusted bookkeeper, grant accountant, and financial advisor, customizing our services to fit your needs:

  • Specialized Non-Profit Bookkeeping: Whether you run one program or 10, we’ll help your team track the money coming in and out of your accounts in a way that clearly captures the complexities of your organization. Plus, we’ll take care of core compliance filings including GST, Worksafe, and Annual Charity Returns.
  • Grant Accounting: Keep your funders happy and give your team peace of mind by bringing your fundraising efforts into alignment with your accounting system. We’ll help you understand your restricted dollars, monitor your overall grant portfolio, and provide funders with accurate, on-time final reports.
  • Easy-to-Read Reports: Receive at-a-glance dashboards for your board, comprehensive summaries for executives, and detailed reports for program managers so you can equip the right people with the information they need to make decisions. Better yet, we’ll make it easy to digest so your entire team feels at ease.

Nat has made a significant difference and contribution to our organization. She has helped us to improve our financial practices, processes, reporting and management through her comprehensive monthly financial reports, meetings and advice. She has worked alongside us to develop innovative solutions and has repeatedly demonstrated that she truly cares about our organization. I would highly recommend Nat’s services to any non-profit organization who is in need of financial services. Her strategic approach, financial knowledge and expertise, diligence and problem-solving skills along with her friendly approach would be an asset to any non-profit organization.

Karen Z

Executive Director and Arts & Culture Galvanizer

Financial Education & Capacity Building

Your expert guide and thought partners

Depending on the size of your organization and the complexity of your needs, we’ll partner with your team on an annual or project-based basis to provide:

  • Accounting Systems Integration: From Google Sheets to Payroll and CRM donor software, we’ll ensure that the various tools you use work in harmony with your accounting structure and QuickBooks™ Online software (we’ll even help optimize those pesky spreadsheets to save you the headache).
  • Education and Capacity Building: Wherever your team is on their financial learning journey, we’ll meet them where they are and engage them with our love for teaching. Your customized support package may include one-on-one advisory calls, live workshops, video explainers, or technical training in QuickBooks™. “Aha moments” are guaranteed!
  • Scenario Forecasting and Analysis: Whether you’re having trouble determining your sales goal or deciding whether to hire, sometimes you need help crunching the numbers to figure out the best direction. Our Scenario Analysis deep dive will help you assemble the right data to make informed decisions about your cash flow and budget.

Nat’s superpower is being able to interpret questions from folks like me who have no accounting or bookkeeping training, and answer my questions in the most robust and easy to understand way. Her advice is always well-articulated, well-reasoned, accurate, and insightful and makes decision making easy.

Would I recommend Nat’s services? Without a doubt! I regularly refer to her as ‘the best bookkeeper in the world!’

Anita G

Nonprofit Leader and Sustainable Farming Advocate

Projects, Rebuilds, and Cleanups

Your trusted renovation experts

If you don’t know exactly what you need, but “help!” is at the top of your list, we’re here for you. On a project basis, we can assist with:

  • Discovery Diagnostic: In this fact-finding investigation, we’ll take a peek under the wing to assess the health of your existing accounting systems and operations processes. Our diagnostic report will identify current strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement, along with service recommendations for where to begin.
  • Annual Budget Build: Who’s afraid of the big, bad budget? A lot of people—but not us! We’ll provide you with a guided path out of the overwhelm with our Budget Build service. During this in-depth three to six-month process, we’ll equip your team with new skills, templates, and a repeatable framework for building your organization’s annual budget.
  • QuickBooks Cleanup or Setup: If you’re ready to make the switch to QuickBooks™ or your existing QuickBooks™ file needs some TLC, we’ll work with you to convert, rebuild, and clean up your accounting file so you’re organized, compliant and ready for funders, donors, and stakeholders.

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