Let Your Numbers Be as Empowering as Your Mission

Transform your organization into a thriving, abundant non-profit with financial systems that drive real change and results.

Your organization has a clear vision for the future.

Whether you’re tackling issues on a global scale or nourishing roots in your local community, your team is committed to doing work that inspires, connects, and uplifts.

Your message is one of empowerment. So, why let finances be the albatross around your neck?

Imagine how much more energy your team could devote to day-to-day programs if your financial processes were streamlined and easily communicated.

If you could move beyond the scarcity mindset that so often limits non-profit work and confidently advocate your value to funders willing to invest in your core operations.

If you easily won multi-year grants thanks to your organized and optimized books.

With the right guidance and education, the sky’s the limit.

Nonprofit Doesn’t Mean Non-Prosperous

For too long, organizations like yours have operated with a sense of scarcity, overwhelm, and disempowerment when it comes to their finances.

The sooner you implement systems that bring ease and clarity to your finances and help your team easily access and understand your numbers, the sooner your team can start to plan for the future: whether that’s the next season, the next hire, or the next event.

We know because we live and breathe nonprofit.

Our team is made up of financial professionals and administrators with extensive knowledge and passion for the nonprofit sector (we even serve on non-profit boards because, well, we just can’t help ourselves).

We bring the brains to empower your operations with smart, scalable financial systems and provide educational insights for your entire team (plus, the sense of humour to remind you that needle-moving work can be fun).

This isn’t the pro-bono or discounted accounting “help” your team is used to…

This is affordable yet sophisticated bookkeeping and financial guidance designed to empower your team to do more good.

Hi, I’m Nat. Professional bookkeeper, social justice advocate, and founder of Chickadee Nonprofit Solutions.

I’ll be honest—a career in finance wasn’t the future I envisioned for myself (my past as an anarchist activist doesn’t exactly fit the stereotype). But after graduating with a fine arts degree I discovered, almost by accident, that I had a knack for bookkeeping.

The call came from a pile of unprocessed invoices at the dance studio I was working at in exchange for tap lessons. Always eager to help, I slowly started to organize their systems and teach myself the art of record keeping. The experience inspired me to get my certification and eventually take a full-time bookkeeping job at a non-profit choir.

But the more I immersed myself in the nonprofit world, the more people would ask for my help.

Soon enough, I found myself balancing my full-time job and a full roster of clients. It was then I realized how desperately non-profits needed someone to help them with their bookkeeping—someone who understood their world and the nuances that come with it.

So, I returned to my roots as an advocate for change—this time by empowering non-profits with financial systems that reduce the burden on their teams and education that inspires confidence.

I founded Chickadee Nonprofit Solutions out of the belief that strong financial systems are vital in our work toward a more equitable, sustainable, and creative future (with a nod to one of my favourite birds—the alert and inquisitive black-capped chickadee).

Today, I’m moving that mission forward with an education-based service that aims to remind us that by staying curious and continuing to learn, we make this world better.

Will you join me?

We’re In This Together

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