Let’s Make Finance Friendly

Are you ready to empower your team with the financial education and resources needed to remove the overwhelm associated with your organization’s finances? It starts here.

Here’s the truth: as a leader in your organization, you bring the vision, bravery, and connection needed to inspire your team and ignite action.

But you may not feel equipped to understand the financial intricacies that come with your role—and that’s okay.

Our resources hub was designed with you in mind, so you can empower yourself and your team with the financial know-how needed to carry out your mission.

Resources for Bookkeepers

Come hang with the flock and learn a little something

Resources for Treasurers

Add a feather to your nest of financial knowledge

Resources for Managers

Financial tools to make you unflappable

We’re In This Together

Take to Your Finances Like a Duck to Water

If you’re looking for informative, light-hearted financial tips (and a whole lot of nerdy puns), you’ve come to the right place.

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