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Empower your team with financial guidance and bookkeeping solutions designed for the not-for-profit sector.

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Give Your Team the Insights They Need to Take Flight

It’s time to go from inaccurate reporting and unclear processes to confident systems and compliant accounting.

At Chickadee Nonprofit Solutions, we’ve been in your shoes. With our team’s background in arts and community organizing, we know what it means to run a successful non-profit—and how hard it can be. That’s why we’re here to help.

When you work with us, you’ll receive the financial education, budget guidance, and personalized bookkeeping systems needed for your team to see how your numbers relate to the important work you’re doing.

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This is where social purpose meets financial empowerment.

Like you, we believe in being a galvanizer of equity. And that starts with empowering non-profits and their teams with the financial education and resources needed to remove the overwhelm associated with finances.

Want to join us? Check out our resource hub and join a community of resilient, thriving non-profits who invest in their people as much as their mission.

About Us

Empower Your Team with Financial Know-How and Make a Bigger Impact

Your organization has a mission to create a better world and you’re confident in your ability to work toward it. Fears about money shouldn’t stand in the way of that goal.

The truth is, as a nonprofit leader, you bring the vision, bravery, and connection needed to inspire your team. But nobody can do it all, and bookkeeping might not be your zone of genius. That’s where we come in.

We’re the spreadsheet nerds you wish you had in your back pocket during that big funder meeting. The experienced finance director your organization can’t quite afford to hire full-time. The backroom accounting chemists who will transform a smoky haze of data into sleek and tangible insights—so you can plant more seeds of change.

The Right Tools for Modern Nonprofits

The first step to building a strong financial system is choosing technology that can meet you where you do your work—whether that’s online or out in the field.

QuickBooks™ makes it easy for your teams to access the financial data they need to inspire bigger action without clutter and confusion. As certified ProAdvisors, we’ll help you harness the flexibility and power of QuickBooks™ Online (with a few nonprofit twists of our own).

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If you’re looking for informative, light-hearted financial tips (and a whole lot of nerdy puns), you’ve come to the right place.

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